Certifications & Warranties

There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration when choosing architectural ironmongery and doors. These include product performance, warranties, certifications and ensuring compliance with all relevant building regulations. As dual suppliers of doors and ironmongery for premium quality dwellings, the following guidance applies to residential settings only.

  • Part B – Fire Safety: Consider which doors need to be fire rated and ensure you choose appropriate ironmongery, such as hardware that is fire certified. Remember, fire doors have to be fitted in strict accordance to the instructions to comply with Part B regulations.

  • Part M – Mobility: Depending on the position and potential application of a door, consideration also needs to be given to mobility. This can influence decisions, such as the type and height of handles, and which door closers are used.

  • Part Q Security / PAS:24: Crime prevention is an important consideration when building or renovating homes and external doorways are often required to meet the British PAS24 security standard. Denleigh provides a range of door and ironmongery products certified to PAS24 and ‘Secured by Design’ standards.

  • Mechanical Guarantees: Check what mechanical guarantees are provided. A number of locks and door furniture products will come with product warranties, providing extra reassurance of performance and longevity.

  • Product Standards: Denleigh products correspond to the requirement of various standards relevant to our industry including:
    - BS EN 1906 – Lever Handle and Knob Furniture
    European and British standardisation for door furniture
    - BS EN 12209 – Locks and Latches
    European and British standardisation for mechanically operated locks, latches and locking plates
    - BS EN 1935 – Hinges
    European and British standardisation for single-axis hinges
    -BS EN 1154 – Door Closing Devices
    European and British standardisation for the performance of controlled door closing devices

  • Door Warranty: We typically offer a limited 5 year warranty on our doors, covering against major defects such as warps or splits. This warranty is contingent on the correct preparation and installation of the doors according to our guidelines. As a natural product, variations in colour, grain, texture and tone are not considered a manufacturing fault. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for further information (available on request).

ISO9001 UKAS Certification

ISO9001UKASCertificate-Denleigh 2

Make sure that the supplier you choose to work with conforms to the highest standards and has an excellent quality management system in place. Denleigh is proud to have achieved UKAS certification after successfully implementing an ISO9001:2015 quality management system. The ISO9001 UKAS certification ensures that products and services are continually improved and consistently meet customer’s requirements.