Our Culture

Our Culture is described as STRETCH. Our STRETCH statement embodies our values and our behavioural objectives. Our culture is the way we conduct ourselves with customers, colleagues and trading partners.

Success – Success is shared and celebrated, so we all have a sense of ownership to create a positive environment

Team Spirit – Team spirit is promoted with a pervading sense of fun, whilst taking responsibility and being accountable and being empowered with the space, tools and mandate to succeed

Responsive – Responsive to our customers at all times, we deliver as promised at every opportunity

Encouragement – Encouragement and support for each other, sharing knowledge and expertise, whilst we continue to learn, treating everyone as a customer with respect and dignity

Top Quality – Top quality products are manufactured with reliably sourced materials purchased in a timely manner

Creativity – Creativity and ambitious concepts are embraced so we’re continually progressing at every opportunity

Healthy – Healthy, safe and tidy offices & workshops every hour, everyday

Our Culture statement was compiled as a result of collaborative working parties discussing what we did well and what could be done better.