At Denleigh our products are made available through five distinct ranges allowing clients to quickly select products that meet their project goals and budget. Our ranges are split according to price and design, from designer models with superior quality for high-end luxury developments to cost-effective products for modern living and functional items that no residential property could do without!



A collection for every project

Explore the Denleigh ranges and choose one that is right for your budget, or you could mix and match! As dual suppliers of bespoke doors and ironmongery, we offer a complete doorway solution with custom door designs and matching hardware supplied as a package and scheduled to suit building plans. This helps clients save considerable time sourcing products from different suppliers. If you need any help consolidating everything you need call our friendly sales team for support on 01722 337060.

Denleigh Ranges Denvivo

The exclusive Denvivo collection of made-to-order lever handles offers uncompromised style and luxury for up-market homes. Manufactured with quality materials to an exacting standard.


Denleigh Ranges Denpremo2

Our prestigious Denpremo collection presents premium quality bespoke doors and innovative handle designs, for property developers desiring that extra quality look and appearance.


Denleigh Ranges Dendura

Our selection of ‘enduring designs’ door handles is loved for typical housing due to its smart and durable options. Choice of bespoke doors for modern and traditional settings.


Denleigh Ranges Dentrata3

Dentrata presents a stylish entry level of reliable door handles, escutcheons and turn & releases. This cost effective range starts from £6.00 + VAT ...............


Denleigh Ranges Denkohr

The Denkhor range contains all the ‘core’ ironmongery products required for residential projects. From hinges to door closers, and latches to fire intumescent, and hanging rail to locks.