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Stylish Entry

Dentrata presents a stylish entry level of reliable door handles, escutcheons and turn & releases.

This cost effective range starts from £6.00  + VAT.

• Reliable  •  Easy  •  Cost Effective 


Enduring Designs

Our selection of ‘enduring designs’ door handles is loved for typical housing due to its smart and durable options. Choice of bespoke doors for modern and traditional settings.

Handles priced between £7.80 and £14.00 + VAT

ž Functional  •  Durable  •  Smart ž

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Inspired Style

The prestigious Denpremo handle range presents tailored styles and finishes, for discerning home owners desiring that extra feel and appearance along with proven reliability. Bespoke doors tailored for modern and traditional settings.

Handle set priced from £15.00  + VAT

ž Tailored  •  Prestigious ž •  Proven ž


Distinctively Individual

The new exclusive Denvivo door handle range presents sleek and contemporary levers bringing style and shine to any residence. Manufactured with quality materials to an exacting standard.

Budget around £40 + VAT per handle set

ž Sleek ž •  Contemporary ž •  Exclusive ž

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Heart & Soul

The Denkhor range contains all the ‘core’ ironmongery products required for residential projects. From hinges to door closers, and latches to fire intumescent, and hanging rail to locks.

ž Essential Parts ž •  Effective ž •  Control ž

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