Internal Fire Doors

At Denleigh we offer an extensive range of bespoke internal fire doors, which combine safety with stunning looks. Most of our door designs and finishes are available as a fire door, allowing you to reduce fire risks, whilst retaining a consistent style throughout your property. For many years there was a limited number of fire door designs on the market, having an overall negative effect on interior style, but with Denleigh there is no need to compromise between style and safety.

Our fire doors are engineered from the highest quality materials and approved designs in order to achieve the design excellence and standards demanded by today’s contemporary homes.

Why Denleigh?

  • Huge range of bespoke traditional and contemporary designs
  • FD30 and FD60 Certification
  • Glazed fire doors
  • Any size up to 2,400mm
  • Any veneer or finish from over 70 choices
  • Wide range of compatible door ironmongery and intumescent products
  • Typical delivery lead time for fire doors of 10 weeks

Fire door compliance

Fire doors are an important part of the fire control measures of most buildings, acting not only as a barrier to contain the spread of fire but also protecting evacuation routes and access for emergency services.

Everyone in the supply chain has a responsibility to comply with fire control regulations. In England and Wales, these obligations are set out in Approved Document B of UK building regulations

Fire Door Construction

Our fire doors are designed to resist smoke and flames for a specified minimum length of time. Denleigh supply doors which are FD30 and FD60 fire rated. FD30 doors are a typically 45mm thick and FD60 doors 54mm thick and as a result they are also heavier than a standard door. Our fire doors are typically supplied as a certified doorset, complete with frames and ironmongery.

Glazed fire doors

Fire doors are also available with glazed panels. Glazed doors are popular in corridors, communal areas and on escape routes in apartment buildings reasons of forward visibility. All glazed doors are available with FD30 certification and some designs in FD60 – Contact our specialist doors team to check availability of your chosen door design.

Are bespoke fire doors sizes available?

Fire doors can be supplied in a wide range of standard and bespoke sizes up to a maximum of 2,400mm high x 1,200mm wide. Oversized fire rated doors and double doors for grand entrances make a great first impression whilst helping to protect key areas of the property.


To help ensure correct specification and installation, Denleigh provide guidance on installation. Fire doors should be installed with fire resistant parts, such as door frames, intumescent seals and fire door compatible hardware, all of which we can supply. It is essential to install fire doors in accordance with the guidance to ensure compliance to regulations.

Safe use of fire doors

Only when doors are shut can fire doors slow the spread of fire throughout a building allowing emergency services time to respond. Denleigh supply a range of self-closing devices that ensure doors return to their closed position after use or in the event of a fire alarm being triggered.

Fire Door Ironmongery

At Denleigh we supply a full range of fire door compatible ironmongery, signage and intumescent products enabling our doors to be installed to the required standards. Explore our range here.

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