With machined and assembled doorsets from Denleigh you can ensure every doorway has a precise fit and finish as well as saving significantly on installation costs! We have considerable experience manufacturing doorsets for premium and high-end residential developments and offer a choice of supply options.

By having your doors and linings supplied as doorsets you eliminate any risk of mismatched linings and reduce carpentry onsite, ensuring an efficient installation. 

Jubilee Winchester Doorset


Little Chalfont Inlaid Doorset


London Apartments Doorset


Doorset Options

At Denleigh we have considerable experience of supplying quality doorsets for premium residential developments. Every project has different requirements and therefore we offer the flexibility to choose the best supply option for you:

OPTION 1. Machined for Ironmongery & Assembled Doorsets

Doors and linings, machined for ironmongery and assembled ready for installation. Delivery lead time = 10-12 weeks

OPTION 2. Machined for Ironmongery, Unassembled Doorsets

Doors and linings are machined for ironmongery and supplied flat-packed. Delivery lead time = 4-5 weeks for linings, 10-12 weeks for doors.

Additional options

  • Standard and bespoke door sizes, with linings a standard depth of 32mm and width of 100-200mm
  • PAS24 / SBD entrance doorset
  • FD30 / FD60 certifcation
  • Ironmongery – supplied with
  • matching handles and hardware
    from our extensive range

More more information and technical drawings please download our Doorset  Brochure

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Canford Cliffs Doorset

Grey Traditional Doorset

Why Choose Denleigh Doorsets?

Single-source supply

Fully assembled doorsets are supplied machined for ironmongery, with the advantage of factory precision, reduced onsite carpentry work and improved project efficiency. Alternatively, doors and linings can be supplied separately to allow earlier installation of linings, facilitating a shorter lead time and potentially minimising risk of damage to installed doors.

Doorsets can be supplied with a wide range of furniture including handles, hinges, locks and latches in a matching style and finish to facilitate a complete solution.

Door frame types and sizes

Our UK style doorsets and frames (linings) are manufactured from FSC sustainably-sourced timbers to ensure quality and protection for the environment. Available in single or double door configuration our linings are manufactured to a standard depth of 32mm and standard widths of 100-120mm. Alternatively we can supply bespoke sizes to suit almost any conceivable requirement, such as through the use of extension linings.

Fire-rated doorsets

We supply FD30 and FD60 fire rated door-sets suitable for a wide range of settings where fire protection is required. FD30 linings are manufactured with quality Redwood, whereas FD60 door linings are made from hardwoods such as Oak or Sapele. Denleigh also supply fire rated sidelights and screens to accompany door-sets, which brighten interior spaces through natural light. Sidelights and screens are ideal for wide apertures such as corridors, lobby areas or room dividers.

Frame Finishing

Supplied primed as standard, a range of finishing options are available including lacquer. Having the door frame supplied in the same finish as the doors increases the perceived size and visual impact of the entrance and therefore can be a great choice for feature doors and grand openings. 

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Ironmongery to compliment your internal doors whether contemporary or traditional, in a number of styles and finishes.


Our growing portfolio of case studies illustrates the wealth of projects we have supported and demonstrates our working partnership with developers, designers, architects and builders.

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